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Who is Banana Displays?

Banana Displays has been building custom and portable displays for over 20 years. We offer this expertise to our customers through selecting the best products at the lowest prices. We are also available for questions regarding any of our products shown on our website and the many we cannot show. If you see a product that you are interested in but is not the right size or color etc. we very well may have it or can locate it for you … just let us know.

What is our Area of Expertise?

We specialize in Inline portable displays and exhibits and can provide design and conceptual renderings for custom exhibits and various specialized displays. Some design services are even FREE so please inquire. There are assembly instructions for all our displays and artwork preparation templates and specs at Graphic Templates on homepage.

Why Go to Trade Shows?

Attending a trade show is a great way to help expand any business. A trade show can help companies interact directly with other companies as well as potential customers. The trade show also helps the company to learn about other new and exciting products that may be for sale or services they may want to use in their own business. Many trade shows also help bring together local business with businesses that are based both nationally and internationally.

Exhibiting at a trade show must therefore be carefully considered as part of an overall business plan. It is key to make sure that all information about your company is carefully considered and carefully planned well in advance. The right display can make all the difference between a good trade show and a truly great one. Welcome your customers to your business with the best trade show display possible.

That's where Banana Displays comes in. Trade show displays are our business. We can show you how to create the most effective trade show booth possible and to help facilitate your outreach to anyone attending the trade show. We are the vital interactive link when presenting yourself to potential business partners or new customers, at trade show venues.

Please contact us at support@bananadisplays and we will respond ASAP.