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The Original Pop Up Display

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The Customized Pop Up Display

This panel pop up display system has been proven winner on the show floor for decades and still has a well deserved place. The exterior finishing panels can be curved or flat, Velcro receptive or graphic murals making this system the most versatile of all the pop ups. No other pop up system can provide curved end panels, smooth seamless curves or Velcro receptive panels in combination with graphic mural panels. If these features are important to your presentation then this is the display system for you! The assembly involves erection of the pop up framework, attachment of the magnetic bars and finally the installation of the magnetically attached rolled up individual exterior finish panels. These displays come with a hard wheeled shipping case that can be converted into a podium which can be easily repacked for shipping at the end of the show saving considerable time and expense. Most of our panel pop up display packages include both lights and shipping cases.

Standard Designs and Sizes

Our extensive line of standard panel pop up displays includes tabletops, 8ft back walls, 10ft back walls and 20ft back walls. The designs include curved, straight or flat, serpentine and gullwing. The advantage of the system is the exterior panels can be arranged in any combination of Velcro receptive fabric and graphic murals. Also the only pop up system with curved end panels.

Special Features

Other types of pop up systems such as our Ready Pop and RPL Pop Up are less expensive and easier to use, so the popularity of the panel pop up has waned in recent years. The panel pop up has has many loose parts which can get lost or misplaced at the most inopportune times. It also takes longer to assemble, is heavier, more expensive and the individual exterior panels can be subject to handling damage, resulting in early replacement costs. However, if seamless curves and Velcro receptive panels are important to your presentation, then this is the display system for you!