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Mounting Wall Graphics Has Never Been Easier or More Economical!

Our high definition printed stretchable fabric graphics with a special silicone mounting bead makes installation into these “Aspen” wall frames a snap. The number of large standard frame sizes and their respective options make this our most flexible and economical solution for all temporary and semi-permanent applications. Mounting options include; free standing floor bases, ceiling hooks and wall mounting hardware. Frames and graphics can be single or double sided, front or back lighted. Typical applications include retail stores, showrooms, corporate lobbies, exhibitions of all types and as part of a larger trade show exhibits. These frames do not come with a carry bag and require on-site assembly.

Customize Your Frame Using the Many Sizes and Options Available!

The “Aspen” standard wall frames are ordered by first selecting the 4ft or 8ft width and then selecting the optional heights from 2ft to 8ft. Once the frame size is decided then the matching graphic and single or double sided frame presentation can be determined with the lighting and mounting hardware selected to fit the chosen frame. There are also three standard “Aspen” light box frame sizes, they can have single or double sided graphics and can be front or backlighted. All “Aspen” light boxes use perimeter LED lighting for even lumen coverage. All frames come with wall mounting hardware unless specified otherwise.

Banana Displays is constantly updating our Aspen Frame product lineup to include the latest products at the best prices. We also have many less popular frames that cannot all be shown on our website. If you desire a product, design or color not shown, please contact us by phone at 805.773.2883 or e-mail at support@bananadisplays.com …we can probably provide it!