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All-In-One Showcase Kits

In order to ease the process of creating displays for your company, Banana Displays provides its customers with the option of purchasing all-in-one trade display kits. These showcase kits are assembled bundles of popular display elements that are frequently used together. We have discounted the trade show display packages to provide you with substantial savings.

We offer six different types of product showcase kits, which can be used for conventions, expos, outdoor events and more. Each kit includes different display elements to fit a variety of display needs. Once you’ve selected your kit, we’ll go to work helping you to design the perfect graphics that are sure to attract customers to your booth.

Items can be added onto the kit at normal pricing, but you cannot have items subtracted from the original kit elements. All the items must be purchased at the same time to qualify for the kit discount. Not sure which kit is right for you? Contact our team today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.