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New RPL Pop Up Stretch Fabric Graphic Display

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RPL is the Latest Development in Tension Fabric Displays!

Our RPL display is the next evolution from our very popular Ready Pop display. It is lighter in weight, due to a refined higher quality pop up frame, and easier to assemble using molded “easy to connect” spreader bars. Like the Ready Pop the key to this display is the new way the graphics are printed - on a stretchable fabric which is pulled under tension to create a single large seamless image. This fabric is stretched over the new lightweight RPL pop up frame and attached to the frame with Velcro, so even when the graphic is collapsed or expanded it stays on the frame. However, the fabric graphic can easily be removed from the frame to be machine washed or replaced using the Velcro attachments. It’s big impact graphics, economical price, fast assembly and packing, low maintenance and lighter weight is going to make the RPL one of our most popular displays ever!

More Designs and Sizes

The RPL comes in the industry standard sizes to include tabletops, 8ft, 10ft and even 20ft back walls. Shapes include both curved and straight in both tabletop and back wall heights. These lightweight displays come with carry bags to keep the shipping costs in check. Options include our new all LED lights and wheeled travel bags.

Unmatched User Friendly Concept!

Lightweight, simple and easy to assemble and disassemble, easy and economical to pack and ship,
spectacular impact graphics, virtually maintenance free… all at one of the lowest prices ever for a complete back wall. Stretched fabric curves are composed of a series of flat seamless sections and the wrap around fabric ends are always flat. Durable beautiful high definition graphic prints.